Coming to Kentucky as a young man, Colonel Michael Muldoon settled in Louisville, and in 1854 started the memorial work which was destined to make him one of the leading craftsmen of the age. Michael had a vision – a vision that monuments were much more than nameplates. They could be lasting expressions of a family’s love. And so he set forth creating artistic memorials that not only reflected each family’s expressions but also blended with the lovely and natural surroundings of the cemeteries in which they were placed. The extent of our success as a large institution today attests to the value of those policies of integrity, careful thought, and sincere service in the introduction of which he was a pioneer. To Michael, there was no other way to handle such a business, and we still hold strong to that belief today.

The test of our vision is as simple as a trip to the cemetery. Find a memorial that impresses or inspires you and nine times out of ten, it was built by Muldoon. That’s why people say, we are truly a “Louisville Tradition.”